Our Purpose

All people are created with a deep need to be loved, nurtured, and accepted. When pain, disappointment, and trauma happens, we are hurt. The good news is Jesus Christ came to heal the brokenhearted so we can have fullness of joy. It is our desire to lead you to the Healer and help you achieve healing.

Our Desire

We want to help people become all they were created to be…

  • Healed
  • Healthy
  • Whole

…using Jesus Christ as the sure foundation and giving practical biblical principles to use as tools in your hands. We desire to see people walk closer to Jesus in the fullness He intended.

Our Help

Safe Haven is affiliated with the Healing House Network. We address the following areas of life:

  • Generational Influences
  • Ungodly Beliefs
  • Soul and Spirit Hurts
  • Demonic Oppression

We have found this to be a highly effective comprehensive method of restoration.